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Creatables and Mikroponent in cooperation

The creative Gothenburg company Creatables and Mikroponent has collaborated for some time in the field of functional products with the slogan "made from waste". By utilizing waste in the process, a number of products has been presented and has been very well received by customers and attracted considerable media attention both in Sweden, but also internationally!

"Today the world's resources are consumed in too high pace and we need to find viable alternatives, and consume less, or at least more aware. Some reasons for this include unnecessary packaging and the element we're working with, material waste in production. Regarding material waste can briefly be said that each component of a product has a separate development and production chain. Each chain result in excess material not used in the product. This material is now shipped directly from the factory for recycling, energy recovery or landfill. Particularly large spills often occur when the products are cut or punched from sheets of material on roll. Spills can also be made earlier in the chain, before the products is first processed. This spill occur directly from the material manufacturer or its subcontractors. It is this leftover material Creatables locate and transform for great products." - Erik Thorstensson.

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