Advantages of etching in Industrial design

Fantastic tolerances, no thermal or chemical impact on material.

Etching is a high-precision technique with an extremely high level of detail. It allows us to work with very low tolerances to produce contour-cut, ultra-light products. This makes etching an ideal technique for producing small, complex details. Another advantage is cost-effectiveness, since this method has no setup costs. No tools need to be manufactured before we start the etching. It makes no difference whether your component requires one hole or fifty thousand holes. The cost is the same. The time aspect is also worth mentioning. In theory, we can start producing a prototype within an hour after the order is confirmed, due to the minimal amount of preparation this method requires. This applies to both small and large series.

We have supplied the industry with shield cans for circuit boards, washers and shims for joining together details, and Huskvarna’s mesh visor for tree cutting, to mention just some examples from our infinite repertoire. We have also produced decorative industrial details, such as the sill protectors for the Volvo V60.

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