Discover the advantages of etching and laser cutting

We manufacture metal parts with thicknesses between 0.01 and 4 mm, by means of etching and laser cutting. Our precision is unparalleled. Our technique offers endless possibilities for producing decorative and functional products – both for industrial and home design applications. We are proud pioneers in etching in Scandinavia and are among the few players in Europe to offer this type of production. Read more about etching here. 

Etching and laser cutting are high-precision techniques with an extremely high level of detail. We work with narrow tolerances for contour-cut and/or partially processed materials. This method’s suitability for producing complex details is unsurpassed. “One hole or fifty thousand holes – it makes no difference”

Another advantage is cost-effectiveness, since there is no need whatsoever for costly and time-consuming tools. This enables us to start production immediately, with no time lost. All this applies to both small and large series.

Advantages Industrial design

We have supplied the industry with shield cans for circuit boards, washers and shims for joining together details, and Huskvarna’s mesh visor, to mention just some examples from our infinite repertoire. We have also produced decorative industrial details, such as the sill protectors for the automotive industry.

Advantages Home design

You might be familiar with the beautiful lamps at Skultuna Mässingsbruk, designed by Lara Bohinc, as featured on Swedish TV4? These exquisite lamps with their intricate lace-like design were made here, at Mikroponent in Värnamo. We also make invitation cards and other products for the well-known designers Bengt & Lotta. We have produced metal signs for Vedum Kitchen and Bath, plaquettes and countless other products. Last but not least, the copper figures in Bertil Vallien’s famous glass artworks were manufactured by us. These figures walked straight out of our factory and into people’s hearts, from the beautiful glass landscapes that surround them.

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